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Please note that the opening times and opening times of bars and restaurants, as well as other establishments and/or hotel services are subject to change. In the same way, the capacity in these premises is subject to the restrictions derived from the application of the sanitary prevention measures related to Covid-19.

It will be obligatory for any tourist older than six years who does not come from the territory of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, the presentation on arrival at the lodging establishment of a certificate that confirms not having given positive as transmitter of the COVID-19 through an antigen and/or PCR test. This certificate must have been completed at the latest 72 hours before arrival.

Non-residents who prove that they had stayed in the territory of the Autonomous Community of the19.
The residents of the Canary Islands must prove their condition as such and declare under their responsibility that they do not leave the Canary Islands within 15 days prior to arrival at the establishment and that they do not show symptoms compatible with COVID-19 during that period.

For guests who do not have the aforementioned certificate upon arrival at the property (and, therefore, will not be able to check in), MP Hotels will offer the possibility of performing the Panbio COVID-19Ag Rapid Test Device test by Abbott, with quick results after 15 minutes and an approximate price between 16- 25€ per person in the Medical Centers with which he usually collaborates.